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A fun coop puzzle 3d platformer for the ps2. Interestingly it’s actually a From Software game predating Dark Souls by a number of years. The gameplay is split on 2 sides of the screen but you’re actually in the same level, the levels are just designed to be somewhat separate, so you’ll usually find you’re on separate sides of the screen. Your aim is to go forwards and get both characters to the end of the level, pressing buttons for each other and otherwise cooperating to help each other out. One of the funnest parts I remember is where you’re both driving this canoe, each paddling a side of the boat, and you have to work together to go in the right direction or you just spin about uncontrollably. This happened a lot to us and had us in stitches. The game is a good length too and has a nice end with some fun coop bosses. Definitely an underrated gem of the PS2 library.

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