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Encounters Of The Spooky Kind

A classic hong kong kung fu movie by Sammo Hung but with a supernatural twist. The film starts with a very wacky scene where Sammo encounters two ghosts/skeletons in wine jars. He then continues encountering spooky phenomena, including when his friends try to prank him with a fake candyman mirror routine where they get attacked by a mirror witch. Eventually someone hires a daoist witch to get rid of him, which results in him staying in a spooky temple overnight to prove how brave he is and win a bet, when actually he gets attacked by a jiangshi (tao zombie).

Other crazy things continue to happen to him for the rest of the film and he’s often forced to use his kung fu to deal with it, but there’s also fights between taoist witches and the like and something akin to a ki blast which is prety cool. Apparently this movie boot started the jiangshi film genre too along with a few of Sammo Hung’s other movies which is pretty cool, who knew he was involved. Like a lot of classic hong kong kung fu movies I’m sure Toriyama sensei saw this one at some point when he was writing Dragonball. Overall it’s a pretty good movie and a bit different from the usual kind of kung fu movies we watch while still being in the classic setting.

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