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Fat Choi Spirit

Another gambling movie in the vein of God of Gamblers but sillier, and this one is about Mahjong, which I’m super into ever since we watched Akagi. (But I still don’t understand it.)

This movie is about a prodigious mahjong player, played by Andy Lau, (who actually ended up starring in some of the God of Gamblers spinoffs alongside Steven Chow, fun fact!). I don’t remember the details at this point very well but there’s family matters involved, and somehow he ends up battling this mahjong scam ring who mix things up and confuse people by playing all different variants of mahjong and feeding each other tiles. He also loses his mahjong powers at some point?

I actually liked this movie more than God of Gamblers so although relatively more obscure it deserves its slot in A-tier.

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