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God Of Gamblers

God of Gamblers is about Ko Chun, played by Chow Yun-fat, the world-renowned “God of Gamblers”, a James-bond-esque figure known for his slicked-back hair and characteristic love of Feodora brand chocolates.

The film starts with Ko Chun arriving for a high profile gambling match against a rival top gambler, where Ko Chun convincingly defeats his opponent at Mahjong and dice games with eerily supernatural gambling skills. In this regard it reminds me of Akagi (or its more well known sibling Kaiji), with his over the top confidence.

The similarities end there, though, as soon after he’s introduced to the major antagonist of the film, an accident befalls him as he falls into a trap not intended for him and bangs his head, losing his memory. The ones who trap him end up looking after him but are coincidentally swamped in gambling debts, complicating matters further.

I really enjoyed this movie for its over the top gambling sequences, the few action sequences it has which are characteristic of 80s hong kong action movies, and the main character’s love of chocolates reminds me of Jackie Chan’s mints in Armour of God. Overall it’s a silly premise and was fun to see in live action, and it’s a well renowned cult classic for a reason.

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