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Look Out Officer

A wacky hong kong comedy film which is apparently a remake of a 1986 film called “Where’s Officer Tuba?” which stars Sammo Hung, but this movie doesn’t.

The movie starts with a hong kong police officer being killed by the leader of a gang, who fakes his death so it looks like he killed himself. He ends up in the afterlife before the judge and can’t go to heaven because of this. He ends up bribing the judge to allow him to go back to earth as a ghost and avenge his killer. When he gets there, he meets the young, green police offer who replaced him, and makes a deal with him to help him out in love and life, in exchange for helping to avenge his death.

This movie contains a lot of wacky magic stuff and is pretty funny. It feels like we’re in the deep lore of hong kong movies now since I can’t imagine many people outside of hong kong have seen or even heard of this movie. I really enjoyed it.

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