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Millionaires Express

Another classic Sammo Hung movie. This one is somehow a western and a kung fu movie, and has the biggest cast of characters I’ve seen in one of these movies. Just look at the poster, it has about 50 people on it.

I’m not really sure what was going on for most of the movie plot-wise but it’s very funny and basically involves about 10 different distinct groups, including samurai, kung fu guys, and the mafia getting on a train together and then eventually getting off the train at an unexpected destination and having a big fight at the end when clashes occur.

The movie is interspersed with cool fights, stunts, and lots of shenanigans and visual comedy. This movie shares a lot of its cast with the Lucky Stars movies and other mid 80s hong kong comedy movies which isn’t surprising given how many people are in it. Overall it’s great.

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