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Mr Vampire

A Jiangshi (chinese hopping vampire) movie produced by but not starring Sammo Hung (who, as I said in my Encounters of the Spooky Kind review, appears to be the originator of this movie genre). Pretty fun movie and the blu-ray is really high quality, reminds me of new fist of fury which has an unreasonably good remaster.

The taoist priest Master Kau and his inept students are hired to rebury some rich businessman’s father, hoping that it’ll bring his famliy more prosperity, but upon opening his father’s coffin he finds the body perfectly preserved instead of decomposed, and realises he’s turned into a vampire. The businessman insists that his father’s corpse not be burned because he was afraid of fire, which is pretty dumb, but the movie would’ve been way shorter if they just did that. Obviously the vampire comes to life and escapes, oh no! And then a lot of other stuff happens.

These hong kong movies always feel really long with everything that happens and they don’t waste time like a lot of western movies, but it’s really good. I like the part where the master is put into jail for a murder the vampire obviously did, and everything his bumbling students do. Oh and one of his students falls in love with a ghost which is pretty cool.

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