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Pedicab Driver

Set in 1930s Macao, this movie follows a pedicab driver played by Sammo Hung, who falls in love while also getting in trouble with various gangsters and other groups. Pedicab Driver reminds me of a lot of Jackie Chan movies where he really isn’t doing anything wrong but keeps getting more in trouble with the bad guys anyway, and there’s also a lot of cool improvised fighting which is fun to see now that we’ve run out of Jackie Chan movies to watch.

The movie starts out as a fairly light hearted comedy movie with romantic elements, but despite this, there’s fairly brutal hits and falls throughout the movie and a lot of well choreographed fight scenes. It’s really well mixed together as the fighting is supported well by the story and doesn’t get in the way of the other elements of the movie. If I had one complaint, it would be that the film gets rather serious towards the end which is a bit mismatched with the quirky beginning. Despite this, it’s still a great piece of hong kong cinema and I give it a well above average rating.

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