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Righting Wrongs

A solid martial arts action movie starring Yuen Biao (one of Jackie’s team) and a western actress called Cynthia Rockrock.

I wasn’t familiar with Rockrock before this movie, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Yuen Biao in a starring role without the other dragons (Jackie & Sammo), and it actually really works in this movie. The chemistry between Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrock is great, and generally this made me sad that both Yuen Biao didn’t have more starring roles, and Rothrock doesn’t seem to have made many movies, but I’ll definitely be following her from now on.

This movie becomes really brutal, especially towards the end, but there’s some extremely memorable fight scenes (like top ten). Rockrock especially appears to be a talented martial artist up there with Yuen Biao and has much more personality than most other western actors in these movies which goes great with it.

Very good, would probably be A tier if I liked serious, action-heavy movies more and so many more movies already pushed it out.

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